The Future of UK Farming Conference

This past weekend I went to a conference organised by the Sustainable Food Trust on sustainable food and agriculture and the direction of UK food and farming over the coming years as Brexit is negotiated and eventually becomes reality. Although I’m not from the UK or currently living there, much of the conference was more broadly relevant to the creation of sustainable food systems globally. I met so many incredible people (like the wonderful Abby Rose, one of the founders of the Farmerama podcast, which I’ve listened to for years back home) and learned so much – I’m still buzzing over a week later!

There were six sessions, on topics ranging from how to actually measure that elusive concept of ‘sustainability’ (with a presentation from Dieter Helm on natural capital); to sustainable food businesses creating new models for local food systems (like Farmdrop, which is similar to My Food Bag, for my Kiwi readers); to soil; to the importance of local abattoirs to small farmers and local food systems and how policy can support, rather than hinder these businesses.

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